HGH Deficiency

People suffer from growth hormone deficiency at some point of life. This HGH deficiency is treated by the doctors by replacing it with GH. GH is a molecule which contain large amount of protein. It is manufactured by taking the help of DNA technology and is mostly done in North America and Europe. To make the GH reach the blood it is injected into the tissue or muscle. Painless insulin syringes are used to perform this task.

When a person is suffering from HGH deficiency for a long time then the treatment has long lasting effects. The treatment cannot be associated with any side effects. Its effect can be seen very prominently in a deficient child. After the medication the growth of the child increases rapidly. Strength is increased and body fat gets reduced. Though the adults also benefit form this treatment but it is the children who reap the greatest benefits.

Treating the patients with HGH deficiency is not very costly though it may vary from country to country. It also improves the quality of life of the patient. Children have to take daily injections of hormonal growth. The adults who are suffering from high HGH deficiency have to take life long medication. The growth is monitored by the endocrinologists after every 3-4 months. The attitude of the people tends to change once they notice the physical changes.

Treating an adult for HGH deficiency is slightly different. Researches have proved that adults suffering from this disease have gained energy and strength after getting proper treatment. The bone density also improves. Improvements have been noticed in the lipid profile. Adults are also prescribed injections but on a weekly basis and hence the cost of treatment is also less. But there are adults who refuse treatment as they do not prefer taking injections on a regular basis and proper insurance cover is not taken.

The GH therapy that is provided to the patients for treating HGH deficiency has been approved by FDA. The use of GH therapy is being used since 1085. People take this therapy also for treating ageing signs .Dr. Rudman has made a breakthrough in this treatment. People suffering from pituitary malfunctions are given treatment through this therapy. People suffering from GH deficiency are short in stature and often suffer from poor sleep, fatigue and low muscle strength. Some also suffer from psychological problems.

Statistics reveal that there are thousands of Americans who are suffering from HGH deficiency. Only professional endocrinologists are authorized to carry out this therapy. They evaluate the condition of the patients and carry out treatment accordingly. The medicines can be purchased only with proper prescription. The therapy gives the patients a renewed level of energy. The therapy does not have any side effects. Some may experience headaches and joint pains. Still the patient should be confident enough to carry on the treatment.