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Following the results of studies that have revealed that HGH can produce a variety of anti-aging affects, there has been a surge of products coming out that are claimed to be effective in raising HGH levels in the body.

HGH, the Human Growth Hormone, is produced by out anterior pituitary gland that is responsible for the growth in childhood and adolescence, as well as for keeping us young and healthy if we are still a long way from the big four-oh.

HGH production is believed to be improved by two things: exercise and the consumption of certain foods that can stimulates the production of the hormone, particularly food that contains substantial levels of amino acids ornithine, arginine, and lysine. However, HGH levels tend to decrease as we age. The HGH levels in our body at 60 are believed to be half the levels they were when we were 20. We can see the effects of this decline in the hormone in increase in wrinkles, increase in fat to lean ratio in our bodies, and in our increasing predisposition to heart disease.

Thankfully HGH products are now available to prevent the effects of the decreasing levels of HGH in our body. HGH supplements are available to provide you with a complete set of nutrients that may be lacking in your body due to stress, inability to exercise, or simply due to your body’s decreasing ability to produce HGH. The GenF20 is one particular example of a HGH product that has a very high consumer satisfaction, with a very good money back guarantee. Many people are use this and are very satisfied with it.

Another site that offers a great HGH product with a 90-day money-back guarantee is HyperGH14x oral HGH spray. The site offers, aside from offering a 90-day 100% money-back guarantee, fast and easy shipping, as well as easily accessible lifetime tech-support for any of your HGH questions and problems. The site also has a testimonial section as well as a FAQ section for your questions.

The site offers a hypergh 14x spray, for a fast and easy way to boost your HGH levels. Studies have shown that the product was able to increase and sustain the levels of hormone in our bodies better than synthetic human growth hormone. HyperGH14x is also available in pills form. Available in 120 tablet packets, is taken in as a diet supplement.

The site also offers works by anti-aging expert Dr. Klatz. A good book to read if you are currently taking HGH supplement is Grow Young with HGH. Dr. Klatz is an expert in anti-aging research, and holds various positions in the medical community. He is also the president of the American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine.

The book covers the effects of HGH supplementation as well as answers the most frequently asked questions about the hormone, like how to determine your own HGH levels and how you can take steps to increase HGH production in your body.

If you are not confident about purchasing products online, there is no need to worry. There are many HGH products available in health stores and pharmacies near you. Your physician may be able to help you choose which product is good for you, and where you can get it.

Here are Top 5 HGH Products Recommendations:

  1. GenF20
  2. Sytropin
  3. HyperGH14x
  4. HGH Energizer
  5. GenFX


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HGH Energizer

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This is another HGH pill product in case you don’t want HGH spray, then HGH energizer is good product to go for. It comes with 75 days money back guarantee.

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