HGH Side Effects – Excess HGH Bad?

Some people say that tampering with what comes naturally could lead to dire consequences. Take for example Oscar Wilde’s classic novel The Portrait of Dorian Grey. The title character sold his soul to the devil in order to stay young forever. He was then damned to live forever and watch everything he loved and knew grow old and die.

While HGH therapy may not be as bad as signing a pact with the devil, it does have its consequences or side-effects that should be carefully studied. Scientists are working on a way to reduce side-effects and enhance benefits. As with any drug, side-effects are inevitable and may far outweigh the promised benefits.

Side-effects from HGH therapy can result from minor symptoms such as slight joint pain and fluid retention to more serious and damaging conditions such as high blood pressure, very serious fluid retention, and abnormal bone and cartilage growth. Other side-effects are insulin resistance and swelling of the joints.

HGH therapy is also referred to as “plastic surgery in a bottle” because of its ability to reverse the signs of aging such as wrinkling and lightening of hair color. Ironically, disfiguring facial bone growth is one possible side-effect.

Athletes who have injuries related to their sport may suffer from possibly deadly side-effects from HGH therapy such as irregular heart rhythms, increased risk of diabetes, joint and facial deformities, and a complete shutdown of the pituitary glands.

The introduction of any foreign substance although it naturally occurs in the body can trigger adverse symptoms. All drugs have side-effects and it is smart and responsible to weigh the pros and cons before trying any. Also, tests should be conducted and professional medical advice should be sought to avoid conflict with existing conditions of the patient.

The most serious and potentially deadly side-effect of HGH may be the actual abuse of the hormone. Taking too much of this substance or taking it longer than the prescribed length of time may cause liver stress that may lead to liver failure. This is because too much HGH may cause an overload in the liver which has to work harder in order to cope. Also, the overload of HGH in the body may signal the brain to produce any naturally and may cause the pituitary gland to shut down.

Natural doesn’t necessarily mean safe. Just because you have it in your body doesn’t mean it’s good for you. Humans have salt and sugar that are naturally produced in the body and yet hypertension and diabetes are the result of too much of these substances in the system.

Growing old is normal. Everyone will age and trying to stop it from happening whether through plastic surgery or hormone therapy are futile attempts at avoiding the inevitable. Studies have shown that the best medicine is preventive medicine. By taking good care of your body now with good food, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle free from vice you are ensuring for yourself the best kind of future free from drug related side-effects.