HGH Side Effects in Men and Women

HGH is the popular acronym of “Human Growth Hormone”. As the name implies, this hormone plays an important role in the growth of a human body. The immunity system as well as the growth of a human body is controlled by this hormone. The production of this hormone begins to reduce as the age increases. Therefore there is direct relation between the age and the HGH level. Generally people take HGH products to stimulate the Pituitary gland to produce a desired level of human growth hormone. But before choosing a particular HGH product, one must have to be cautious about the HGH side effects that can affect a person.

If an aged person is not able to increase the natural growth of the human growth hormone, in that particular stage he can take the assistance of HGH products that are available in different forms. Capsules, liquids, sprays and injection are the most popular forms HGH products and there are numerous companies available that are manufacturing these products. However there is always a high risk that a person may become the victim of the HGH side effects, The Federal Trade Commission makes it mandatory that one has to submit prescription before buying these products. A person may face some dangerous HGH side effects if he or she is not able to maintain the recommended dozes properly.

If a person takes these HGH products haphazardly, he needs to face some dire consequences. HGH side effects may vary depending upon various factors. Kidney failure or cancer can be caused if a person doesn’t consult with an HGH expert. That is why one has to submit a prescription before buying a HGH product. Whatever the age may be, one has to submit a prescription. There are two types of injections generally recommended by a HGH prescription. The artificial HGH that uses high doze is reckoned to be one of the most acceptable types of injection. Four to ten I.U is thought to be the general doze for a normal person.

Before applying HGH injection to ones body one has to be certain of one thing that a body area is not get injected twice. This can lead one to face many HGH side effects. The price of the injection may vary depending upon the quantity and quality. Generally they are expensive but one must not choose cheap substitute for it because it can generate many HGH side effects. Therefore one has to take some time before commencing a treatment. There are various types of injections available for example, Nutropin, Saizen, Somatropin etc.

Before commencing a treatment, you can consult with your doctor about the issue of HGH side effects. Sometimes one has to face some allergic reactions if he has not consulted with his doctor properly. Skin rash, feeling of tightness in throat or chest pain can be aroused. So if are you are feeling any irritation in your skin, you must have to venture to a healthcare professional to get rid off this traumatic situation. One can reap the advantages of this treatment but he has to take some precautions.