Is HGH Good For Us?

The HGH or the Human Growth Hormone replacement therapy is the talk of the hour in the recent times. The HGH is a hormone which is produced in the pituitary gland of the brain. The gland is situated at the base of our brain. The medical researchers claim that this hormone actually works as an anti-aging factor to our body metabolism. Reduction of HGH in the body cause premature age related problems. Whether this kind of hormone replacement therapy would prove to be beneficial in the long run is still a matter of concern. Is HGH good for us or not is a matter of controversy.

The human Growth Hormone is responsible for the growth of our organs and muscles. The bones and the cells also grow as a result of this hormone. The health experts claim that the effect of HGH replacements takes about some time. Also this treatment is a lot expensive. However, only going by the claims of the medical practitioner is not convincing enough. People actually want results. So far there is very few who have claimed to have derived positive effects from the hormone replacement therapy. So the question is HGH good for us or not is a matter of debate.

However, the doctors claim in the recent New England journal of Medicine, that they have observed significant changes in the process of aging in patients who have received thee HGH in the past ten to twenty years. The HGH insertion on those patients has improved their sexual performance, and has enhanced the functioning of the immune system. Age old factors such as wrinkles are quite easily removed. It has also made its users to lose fat in a considerable amount. However, these experiments have been done on a sample of patients. Is HGH good for us in the long run? Still casts a doubt in our mind.

One good factor with the HGH is that they have proved extremely helpful for the professional athletes. This has become possible because detection of HGH through the routine urine tests is very difficult. It has also proved very difficult during the blood test as well. However, HGH is good for us and the athletes cannot be predicted beforehand. It is most beneficial at the time of recovering from the injury. So for staying a notch ahead in the competitive sporting arena the Human Growth Hormone has proved very essential. This is the reason why more and more athletes these days are going for HGH insertion.

The people against the usage of HGH claim, that an overuse of the hormone will surely have an adverse effect on the human body. They claim that HGH intake in person who does not have a very low level of this hormone can prove fatal and actually increase the chances of premature death in individuals. So is HGH good for us or not can only be proved in the due course of time. The HGH supplements found in capsules, tablets, and in oral sprays are rich in Amino acids and nutrients like Vitamin E and Vitamin C.